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Canada – Foreign Trained Professionals and FARPA

Canada – Foreign Trained Professionals and FARPA (“Fair Access To Regulated Professions Act”)

July 26, 2010

John Richardson

Barrister and Solicitor

Toronto, Canada

Admitted to the bars of Ontario, New York and Massachusetts

“It’s a story that replays for thousands of new arrivals each year: a skilled immigrant arrives in Canada with high hopes. He or she is an engineer, a teacher, a lawyer, a financial planner, a business executive, a [insert profession here]. With no luck finding relevant work in Canada, he or she realizes going back to school, retraining and even getting re-licensed may be the first steps necessary before he or she can even dream of getting a job in his or her area of expertise.”

Canadian Immigrant Magazine

When it comes to immigrating to Canada, for foreign trained professionals, there has been both good news and bad news. Continue reading