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IELTS may not be necessary for Canada Immigration

For Canada Immigration, the IELTS is sufficient but not necessary to establish proficiency in the English language

Warning! Note the date that is written. Laws and regulations are in a constant state of change. What follows is not offered as legal advice and the accuracy of this information is not guaranteed. If you wish to immigrate  to Canada and you do not wish to take the IELTS, you are urged to get legal advice. Continue reading

All immigrants face mandatory language test

July 20, 2010
Nicholas Keung–all-immigrants-face-mandatory-language-test

Dodi Robbins, a Harvard-educated corporate lawyer whose first language is English, says she is insulted at having to take Immigration Canada’s language test in order to prove she speaks English well enough to settle here. She has been working as a lawyer in Toronto on a work permit since 2006.


Born and raised in New York, Dodi Robbins graduated from Harvard University and has been practising law for 13 years. Continue reading